Monday, December 5, 2011

Massachusetts Occupy Movement: demographics & thoughts

In MA, according to a recent poll by the Boston Glob/Suffolk University, 41% approve of the Occupy Movement while 38% disapprove. A fairly even split. This is surprising considering the liberal bias of the state which is home to such congresspeople as Kerry, Barney Frank, Ted Kennedy, and perhaps soon enough Elizabeth Warren.

24% of renters disapproved of movement while 41% of homeowners disapproved. I believe this is probably a stronger correlation of young people supporting the movement, since young people often rent instead of own, then a insight into interests of property holders in upholding property rights.

There was a strong correlation between support of the Occupy Movement and approval of President Obama's handling of the economy. I find this disturbing if perhaps not surprising.

President Obama, as much as the liberals adored punching bag President Bush, has contributed to the those ailments of society so staunchly protested by the Occupy movement. Obama has benefited the corporations and the big companies, choosing winners and losers, at the expense of the common people, of the people who do not happen to work for the governments favorite companies or as an executive. Obama is the one who takes from the taxpayers to give to his political supporters, such as Solyndra (now bankrupt), GE (paid no taxes), Google (who now controls many government contracts and supports government intervention into the internet), and many others. I am not saying other Presidents have not done this as well, but my point is that Obama is a corporatist and a statist as opposed to the free-minded, we want change, transparency style President he is believed to be.

Perhaps the Occupy movement support him because he wants to tax the rich more and give to the poor. Perhaps they like him for Obamacare, which is seen as benefiting those to poor to afford care for themselves. Also they may support Obama because he supports unions and they are seen as a middle class stimulating entity. They will not be dissuaded from these convictions they hold.

I vote the Tea Party & Occupy Movement come together.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Hypocrisy of Occupy Students Demanding Student Loan Forgiveness

Occupy Wall Street expresses their anger over the government bailing out big businesses which unwisely took on huge debt. They do not want the people to socialize the losses of those people who make imprudent financial decisions.

Some Occupy Wall Street members also want their student loans, paid for partially through subsidized government loans at lower rates than the market would otherwise offer, to be forgiven by the government. They want the taxpayer to socialize their loss which has benefited them and only them. There is a word for this, what is it? . . . Hypocrisy.

I understand that there is a difference between wall Street fat cats and their huge salaries and insolvent students with a college degree who are unemployed due to a flailing economy. However, a person with a college degree is better of than the person with a GED. The person with the college degree made the decision to go to college just as much if not more so than the decision by the big banks to invest in the housing market.

The people with a college degree are the ones primed for future success, they are the ones who have added value to bring to an organization, they are the ones with specialized skills. They are the future. These people should not be bailed out at the cost of all the other taxpayers, including the working fathers and mothers who did not finish high school and are working as a mechanic or electrician or factory worker, when the people being bailed out will likely in 10 years be a manager at Fidelity or a professor at an obscure liberal arts college.


By the way. I am a person who got a useless politics degree at an expensive private college. I am a person currently paying an arm and leg to go to law school for a juris doctor which seems to currently plunging in value. My point, I am speaking against my self interest right now. That is because forgiving student loans is not right.

(back to studying for finals)