Friday, November 16, 2012

Healthcare: Rise of Surgery Centers in Oklahoma

Surgery Centers in Oklahoma have become more prevalent. They have a very different business model from the large hospitals. They are more efficient, they do not exorbitantly overcharge like larger hospitals do, and they have all their prices for different operations listed and available to the public right on their website.

They often charge half or even 6 times less than what the large hospitals charge! How do they do it? Insurers are eliminating employee healthcare deductibles if they choose to go to the surgery centers. It is so efficient, everyone saves money, the insurer and the patient.

Great video below describing the healthcare process below. Video by

Insurance has no market controls. Hospitals have every incentive to be wasteful, to over-prescribe, over care, and over recommend for costly surgeries. This isn't good for patients, who often have to pick up a large portion of the tab.

read more about this here.

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